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Welcome to Carbon Trading: A primer for forest landowners.

by mhowell last modified 2006-11-14 00:47

What is Carbon Trading?

Carbon Trading is a market based mechanism for helping mitigate the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere.  Carbon trading markets are developed that bring buyers and sellers of carbon credits together with standardized rules of trade.

Who are potential buyers for Carbon credits?

Any entity, typically a business, that emits CO2 to the atmosphere may have an interest or may be required by law to balance their emissions through mechanism of C sequestration.   These businesses may include power generating facilities or many kinds of manufacturers. 

Who are potential sellers of Carbon credits?

Entities that manage forest or agricultural land might sell carbon credits based on the accumulation of carbon in their forest trees or agricultural soils.  Similarly, business entities that reduce their carbon emission may be able to sell their reductions to other emitters.

Who does this website target?

This website is targeted towards forest landowners in the USA that want to learn more about how they can enter the carbon trading market.  Information is available regarding what states in the US are developing markets, what information is required by a landowner to trade carbon, what might be the costs, and what might be the income.

Try our Carbon Calculator (Alpha Version)

Some current carbon sellers